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The Icarus Prediction

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Some men fight tooth and nail through life, others seem blessed by the Gods. A Rhode Scholar with an MBA from Harvard, Jarrod Stryker is of the latter variety—and the darling of banking world. Whatever he deigns to touch, obediently turns to gold. But beneath the fine suit is a man with a history. The ex-CIA operative was dishonourably dismissed after falling on his sword to protect the woman he loved. The memories stay vivid, but the days of daring affairs and desert storms are long behind him. Gulfstreams and caviar are now more his style. That is until he stumbles upon a conspiracy so great, it threatens to sever the threads of international diplomacy, and plunge the world into a dark age of chaos.

Jarrod Stryker will soon learn that the Gods can be fickle friends.

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Great quotes and snippets from the book!

Jarrod didn’t even notice the Japanese tourist family next to him, who became startled and hurriedly relocated themselves to the other side of the boat while still managing to take a few selfies to capture a photo opp of a bat-sh*t crazy New Yorker.

“The explosion blew the weapon out of the terrorist’s hand. Well, technically, it blew off both the hand and the gun”

Jarrod responded, “OK. Let’s go ahead and call it Icarus. In honor of the supercomputer that is going to make us a billion dollars”
Chet couldn’t help but chime in, “Isn’t Icarus also the dumb Greek kid who flew dangerously close to the sun like a fool and then his wings came off and he drowned?”

Delaney took a long pull on his Diet Dr. Pepper, wishing it was something stronger. “Jarrod, either you are totally insane, or you have the biggest set of stones on Wall Street.”

He wondered about the social impact of taking his drink and pouring it over Trent’s oversize head. Not a rapid violent spill, but a steady stream akin to watering a plant that would allow the liquor to soak into Trent’s overly moussed hair.

“Where was it you were accepted? Duke?”
“That and Stanford. But my career plans changed.”
“Clearly. But one of the oldest law schools of the Roman Empire was founded right here under the Severan dynasty, one of only three recognized by the Roman Empire. Not many people know that.”
She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Thank you for the factoid. Too bad Harvard Business School didn’t have a Beirut campus.”



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RD Gupta is the author of The Icarus Prediction and resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC.     He got the idea for the novel in 2010 after a friend that worked in the financial sector,  shared his views and a few “dirty little secrets” on how high-stakes dealmaking gets done .   Five years in the making,  and with some help from a New York Times Bestselling Author,  the novel is finally complete.    The work is entirely fictional,  however,  you can draw your own conclusions   :).


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